Come see me (and take a lesson) at the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair!


Every year around Halloween, we take our show on the road to Asheville, NC. It's one of my favorite cities, and it's the most gorgeous time of year. "Peak Color" they call it. And it is SO pretty. SAFF is held at the North Carolina Ag Center, right across from the Asheville Airport. 


This is a great place to discover fibers, take lessons, buy gifts, take more lessons, and plan your next project (and buy all the materials.) Spinning, knitting, fibers, equipment and handmade goodies are all there. The whole fairgrounds is full of shopping and learning opportunities.

And then there are the sheep...


They are just plain gorgeous. For 27 years, I've been breeding for wool quality in my Lincoln Longwool based flock. The sheep grow an inch of wool a month, and it's lustrous, long, and soft.​ You can get fleece in any form you like, from unwashed raw to finished roving, in either white or silver/gray. Many love the white locks for crafting, especially santa beards. And both colors are great for dyeing! For tapestry weaving or knitting, this wool is gorgeous and SO easy to spin. Make sure to look at the beginners kit, which includes spindle, book and wool. It's all you need to make a lovely hat!


and lambs, sheepskins, and meat.


We sell lambs for breeding or meat. It's a fact, they're delicious! They are also fast growing, make terrific moms, and are a great addition to your flock to add both size and wool quality.

We also sell gorgeous sheepskins. They are huge compared with most on the market, and SO comfy to sit on. Warning, your cat will try to steal it from you!

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